Humble Beginnings

The early days of Champlain Orchards

The early days of Champlain Orchards

Though our orchard is over 100 years old, our cidery is still in its infancy.  We first began turning our numerous delicious apples into hard cider in 2011, and it started with a whisper, not a bang. That first year we only produced a scant 246 gallons of cider! Today, we average around 50,000 gallons per year, and growing. 

We have witnessed the explosion of the craft cider industry in this country, as our competitors went from few to many, in an ever expanding market. We have not strayed the course. 

Our mentality is and always will be that we are an orchard first & foremost, and everything we do should be an extension of that, and an expression of the apples we grow. That is what makes our hard cider different, and that is why we love what we do & are proud of the product we produce. 

                                                                             We grow our apples, we know our apples.                                                                                 How many other cideries can say the same? 




At Champlain Orchards Cidery, we are passionate about sharing the highest-quality authentic craft hard cider with the world.

The first step was to plant extensive orchards of true American, English, and French heirloom cider apples. We are committed to not using apple concentrate, corn syrup, cane sugar, or inferior/inexpensive ingredients, and we will never use production shortcuts that inevitably compromise drinking quality.

We believe consumers will continue to educate themselves and further appreciate the attention to detail we take in producing our award winning authentic craft cider. After all, when every drop is branch to bottle, you can taste the difference.


Champlain Orchards’ mission is to grow a wide variety of delicious and ecologically grown tree fruit while respecting the land. We are committed to supporting our community through employment, access to ecologically grown fruit and high quality products.


Champlain Orchards’ vision is to build a legacy as the premier ecologically managed orchard in the Northeast United States by being led by multigenerational management and staff through careful long term planning.  Our sights are set on being the model for providing wholesome fruit, ciders and other products, using sustainable growing practices and renewable energy.


We will continue to listen to our customers who we hope will challenge us and encourage us to continue to experiment and pursue ever better hard cider. We will continue to grow the most flavorful fruit possible while caring for our land, our staff and our community.